Timing Really Is Everything!

The key to finding college funding is: start early and apply often! You should apply for EVERY scholarship and EVERY grant in which you meet the requirements. Remember, you can never have too much money for college.
When getting started, use search engines to determine which scholarships best match your qualifications. Scholarships generally fit into broad categories. Consider all the elements of yourself and experience to find the categories that best fits you, i.e. ethnicity, interest, religious affiliations, hobbies, your parents’ employers, etc.
Most applications will require an essay. Essay topics will generally overlap; this is where strong organizational skills really pay off. When you get your scholarship/grant application materials, sort them and look for trends. It is easier to make minor adjustments to a superbly written essay rather than start from scratch with each new application.
When possible, type all applications, submit electronically, and ALWAYS keep a copy for yourself. Keep copies of everything you submit just in case there are questions later.

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